MOEA Join hands with the training team to march into Innovex to promote the creative achievements
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The young generation has unlimited creativity, and “entrepreneurship” is now on-going. The Department of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Economic Affairs actively promotes the transformation of incubation centers into innovative institutions to form a creative and educational ecosystem, link the value of incubation services, and assist and accompany government resources to increase the success rate of entrepreneurship.

Innovation and entrepreneurship have set off a global trend in the past year. As long as there are good entrepreneurial topics, they may become the next unicorn. Especially in the early stage, if government resources are assisted and accompanied, the success rate of entrepreneurship will be increased. The SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has promoted the incubation policy since 1997 and has accumulated fruitful results. Until last year, it has not only cultivated 15,649 SMEs, induced investment of 158.8 billion yuan, cultivated 9,223 start-ups, and assisted 121 incubating enterprises. Successfully listed on the OTC.

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He Jincang, Director of the Division of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, pointed out: “The number of incubation centers continues to increase. In order to integrate resources and create a more friendly entrepreneurial environment, MOEA were in the process of promoting incubation and transformation last year. Innovative institutions were divided into three types: international innovation accelerators and technological entrepreneurship. Amplifiers and local industry creation institutions promote the internationalization of private incubation, the technicalization of school incubation, and the localization of local incubation. In addition to constructing a complete innovation and education ecosystem, it has become an important role for MOEA to assist local startups, micro and small and medium enterprises. platform.”

In order to let the outside world understand the achievements of the MOEA and domestic innovation institutions incubating new innovations, this year’s Taipei International Innovation Exhibition InnoVEX specially plans an innovation zone, covering 32 innovation institutions and 86 new entrepreneurs to jointly display the cloud and big data, health and Innovative applications in the fields of biotechnology, Internet of Things, etc., show the abundant innovative energy of Taiwan’s new innovations. In the Digital Age, 4 groups of high-quality new innovations were selected and introduced on the spot to let more people understand the results of creative education.

Zhongyuan University X Zhilin Enterprise: High-sensitivity magnetic sensor to improve performance

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The new creation team cultivated by the Industrial Accelerator and Incubating Center of Chung Yuan Christian University, Zhilin Enterprise, developed the only magnetic sensor in Taiwan with a two-dimensional electronic gas structure design. The sensitivity is 15% higher than the current global leader and can be used in industry. Automated motor and current control, such as robotic arm, car engine, mobile phone navigation, digital camera anti-shake, home appliance switch, etc.

Su Yongsi, director of the Zhilin Enterprise Innovation Product Business Center, pointed out, “Product development must have stable funds and a good creative and educational environment. The team funds are not only from the company’s injections, but also supported by government programs; Zhongyuan University’s Industrial Incubation Center provides Space and equipment assistance, especially the basic measurement and physical measurement of many new magnetic components, are done with the measurement equipment in the school, which is of great help to the team in developing new components.”

Taiwan University of Science and Technology X Yiqun Green Energy: Wireless charging technology makes charging safer and more convenient

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Yiqun Green Energy Technology entered the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Innovation and Incubation Center in October last year, and cooperated with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Power Electronics Laboratory to develop wireless charging technology, which not only has high performance (charging efficiency of 90%), but also has a small modular size. Used in unmanned vehicles, electric vehicles, bicycles and other transportation vehicles.

Lin Yongsheng, general manager of Yiqun Green Energy Technology, pointed out, “Taiwan University of Science and Technology has invested in wireless power transmission technology for 5 or 6 years. Through industry-university cooperation, development time can be shortened. Furthermore, wireless charging must cooperate with system manufacturers. Rich, the incubation center provides a lot of business matching opportunities and exhibition information to help new ventures integrate internationally. For example, going to Thailand in May this year to participate in the exhibition, which will help expand the new southbound market.”

Academy of Agricultural Sciences X Companion Pet Food: Customized diets, check the health of Mao children

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“Peace Pet Food” is the first domestic service platform that tailors customized diets for pets’ individual nutritional needs. Before purchasing, the owner should log the pet breed, weight, age, activity level, feeding habits and health status on the website. , And then the nutritionist will formulate a pet food formula suitable for pets according to the data, and adopt the design of opening one pack per day to prevent over-feeding and lead to pet obesity.

Wei Chong Chairman Wang Weishi mentioned, “When I was producing dietary formulas, I didn’t know much about the production line of the factory. The Agricultural Science and Technology Research Institute Incubation Center not only provided a lot of professional advice, but also assisted us in applying for government award subsidies. The National Development Fund’s Entrepreneur Angel Program subsidized, and later received subsidies from Taoyuan’s local SBIR program, which gradually improved operations.”

Asia Pacific Telecom X Crazy Point: Holographic projection technology, more instant entertainment interaction

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Asia-Pacific Telecom’s 5G creative accelerator’s new creation team “GranDen Crazy Point”, entrepreneurial representatives, as a mobile game APP “AliGala” that integrates augmented reality (AR) and location services (LBS), through cloud and holographic projection technology, Online game characters are projected onto offline devices and used in commercial activities. For example, in December last year, they cooperated with the Taipei City Government and Taipei 101 in the “Xiong Zan” marketing campaign, which created 20 million yuan in peripheral benefits within one month.

Crazy Point CEO Lai Jinde mentioned, “In a 4G environment, when a mobile phone interacts with a physical device, there is usually a delay of 0.3 to 0.5 seconds. Therefore, it is necessary to make online and offline interactions more real-time. The speed and bandwidth of the network are It must be faster and more stable. This is also the main reason why Crazy Point will choose to join the Asia Pacific Telecom 5G accelerator. In addition to receiving relevant course training and professional coaching, it can also make good use of the Asia Pacific Telecom 5G technology advantages and experimental fields to accelerate the pace of commercial applications. ”

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