Wireless charging, smart air-conditioning, Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s innovative team advances to the Thai market

United News Reporter Feng Jinghui/Real-time report

Optimistic about Thailand’s development potential and booming market opportunities, the Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s new creation team will advance to Thailand, including the “Wireless Charging of Electric Vehicles” that can be used in Thai tuk-tuk and the smart air-conditioning system to solve Thailand’s hot and humid climate. Southbound market.

Taiwan University of Science and Technology President Liao Qingrong said that in recent years, the Thai entrepreneurial circle has been booming and the ASEAN market is active. It is an overseas market for many new start-ups to actively expand. This year, the Taiwan University of Science and Technology Innovation and Incubator Center selected five excellent coaching teams to go to Thailand, including Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The team of cooperative technology research and development has made Taiwan’s outstanding innovative research and development capabilities visible to the world.

Taiwan University of Science and Technology leads five groups of new creative teams to participate in the NSTDA Annual Conference 2019 (NSTDA Annual Conference 2019) organized by the National Academy of Sciences of Thailand. In this important scientific research and innovation event in Thailand, the new creative team not only showcases product technology and R&D results , Special arrangements were made for Pitch briefings with local investors to strive for business investment opportunities for enterprises, open up local visibility, and assist in the layout of the new southbound market.

There are a total of five Taiwan University incubation and counseling companies that went to Thailand to participate in the exhibition. They are “Yiqun Green Energy Technology”, “PicSee”, “Encore”, “Creative Design”, and “Ofa Chuangzhi” They each focus on various fields such as green energy technology, technology service industry, and the Internet of Things, and their abundant technical energy and product creativity have attracted the attention of local industry players and investors in Thailand.

“Yiqun Green Energy Technology” cooperated with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Power Electronics Laboratory to apply the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology wireless power transmission technology to the industry, develop electric vehicle wireless charging, vehicle power conversion and other systems, and use magnetic resonance technology for wireless charging. Need to provide electricity through physical wires, not to worry about waterproof and dustproof issues, to improve the convenience and safety of charging.

Lin Yongsheng, head of Yiqun Green Energy Technology and alumnus of Taiwan University of Science and Technology, said that the current charging guns of electric vehicles are not only cumbersome, but also because of the aging of the plugs, there may be misunderstandings in the wires, or the use of leakage in humid environments. The charging gun is replaced by wireless power transmission, and the charging speed is not affected, and it is safer to use. The technology can be applied to unmanned guided vehicles, electric vehicles, bicycles and other transportation vehicles. Thailand has many tuk-tuk vehicles, which can also be widely used in the future.

“EnKe” makes central air conditioners smarter. Different factors such as environmental humidity and crowds will affect the temperature. However, unlike ordinary household air conditioners, central air conditioners can sense the ambient temperature in real time to make adjustments. The response is awkward, so it is often very expensive. Electricity. Enke language provides power-saving services for central air conditioning. Through small controllers, sensors, and cloud computing technology, it automatically senses the ambient temperature and humidity, and automatically controls the central air conditioning to achieve the most comfortable and energy-saving operation, reaching 10%. The above energy saving effect.

Lin Liangze, founder of Enke Language, said that at present, more than 100 restaurants and office spaces in Taiwan have been provided with air-conditioning and energy-saving services, and most of the users are from hotel operators. We are optimistic about the thriving tourism industry in Thailand, with many hotels and hotels, and Southeast Asian countries have a hot climate, use more air conditioners, and need air conditioning services. Therefore, Thailand has become a target market for Encore to actively expand overseas.

Taiwan University of Science and Technology has cultivated the enterprise “Enco Language” to develop central air conditioning power services. On the left is Chief Operating Officer Xie Haozhe, on the right is the founder Lin Liangze. Photo/Provided by Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Taiwan University of Science and Technology counseled the startup “Yiqun Green Energy Technology” to cooperate with the Taiwan University of Science and Technology Power Electronics Laboratory to develop wireless charging for electric vehicles. On the left is Lin Yongsheng, the head of Yiqun Green Energy Technology, and on the right is researcher Zhang Youcheng. Photo/Provided by Taiwan University of Science and Technology

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