Wireless charging smart air conditioner seizes business opportunities in Thailand
The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology recently led 5 groups of innovative teams to participate in the NSTDA Annual Conference 2019 organized by the National Academy of Sciences of Thailand, demonstrating product technology and R&D results. (Provided by Taiwan University of Science and Technology) Central News Agency reporter Xu Zhiwei faxed May 6, 108

(Central News Agency reporter Xu Zhiwei, Taipei 6th) Optimistic about the business opportunities in Thailand, the Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s new creation team marches forward in Thailand to participate in the annual innovation research conference. The wireless charging of electric vehicles developed by the new team can be applied to Thai tuk-tuk and smart air-conditioning system It is suitable for Thailand’s hot and humid climate.

Taiwan University of Science and Technology recently led 5 groups of startup teams to participate in the NAC 2019 (NSTDA Annual Conference 2019) held by the National Academy of Sciences of Thailand. In addition to displaying product technology and R&D results, it also arranged briefings for startups and local investors to strive for commercial investment Opportunities to assist in the layout of the new southbound market

Taiwan University of Science and Technology President Liao Qingrong said that in recent years, Thailand’s entrepreneurial circle has developed vigorously. Together with the active ASEAN market, it is an overseas market for many new ventures to actively expand. This year, the Taiwan University of Science and Technology Innovation and Incubation Center selected 5 outstanding teams to go to Thailand, including Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The team of cooperative technology research and development has made Taiwan’s innovative research and development capabilities visible to the world.

There are a total of 5 Taiwan University incubation and counseling companies that went to Thailand to participate in the exhibition. They are “Yiqun Green Energy Technology”, “PicSee”, “Enco Language”, “Creative Design” and “Oufa Chuangzhi”, covering green The abundant technical energy and product creativity in various fields such as energy technology, technology service industry, and Internet of Things have attracted the attention of local industry players and investors in Thailand.

Yiqun Green Energy Technology cooperates with the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Power Electronics Laboratory to apply National Taiwan University’s wireless power transmission technology to the industry, develop systems for wireless charging of electric vehicles, vehicle power conversion, etc., and use magnetic resonance technology for wireless charging without The physical wire provides electricity, not to worry about waterproof and dustproof issues, which improves the convenience and safety of charging.

Lin Yongsheng, head of Yiqun Green Energy Technology and a National Taiwan University of Science and Technology alumnus, said that the current charging guns of electric vehicles are bulky, and there may be cable misfires due to aging plugs. There are also concerns about leakage when used in humid environments. Wireless charging boards can solve these problems and not It affects the charging speed and makes it safer to use. This technology can be used in electric vehicles and bicycles. There are many tuk-tuk cars in Thailand, which can be widely used in the future.

A total of 3 billion people clicked and viewed the perspective data (PicSee) of the sharing link short URL service for the social platform, allowing community operators to customize the sharing link title and preview screen.

PicSee co-founder Wei Zhuang said that in order to expand overseas markets, the official website has built 13 languages ​​including Thai, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Even the customer service of the website supports multiple languages, and participates in Southeast Asian countries every year, opening up overseas through word of mouth. In the market, we plan to launch customized brand short URLs in the future, and the use will not be limited to the community.

Enkeyu provides power-saving services for central air-conditioning. Through small controllers, sensors and cloud computing technology, it automatically senses the ambient temperature and humidity, and automatically controls the central air-conditioning in a smart way, which can achieve an energy-saving effect of more than 10%.

Lin Liangze, founder of Enke Language, said that at present, more than 100 restaurants and office spaces in Taiwan have been provided with air-conditioning energy-saving services. Most of the users are hotel operators. The team is optimistic that Thailand has many hotels and hotels, and Southeast Asian countries have a hot climate and use more air-conditioning. More energy-saving services are needed, so Thailand has become an overseas target market for Encore to actively expand. (Edit: Guan Zhongwei) 1080506

news source:https://www.ntust.edu.tw/files/14-1126-73477,r167-1.php?Lang=zh-tw