9/24 ~ 9/26. 2020 – Taiwan Innovation Technology Expo

The 2020 “Taiwan Innovation Technology Expo” takes “Having Taiwan’s Smart Future” as the main axis, creating three themes of “Innovation Pilot Pavilion”, “Future Science and Technology Museum” and “Sustainable Development Pavilion”, and special plans for technological epidemic prevention and disaster prevention solutions. Digital services, precision health, green industry chain and other technology areas are expected to exceed thousands of patents and technology applications. In addition, more than 40 international organizations and companies from Europe, the United States, Japan and New South China will participate in the international exhibition area, including Microsoft, CISCO, Siemens, Corning, Logitech, Thailand’s National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), etc., and hope to enrich the diversity The trading hub platform combines local innovation momentum and regional advantages to connect the new south with Europe, the United States, Japan and other regions, and uses the role of “IP HUB” to promote Taiwan’s technology to the world and continue to show Taiwan’s wisdom value.

Yiqun Green Energy will showcase the latest applications of high-power wireless charging systems at the Taiwan Innovation Technology Expo, including unmanned vehicles-germicidal lamps, wireless charging-AGV and wireless charging-electric bicycles to achieve better future technologies. If you have any questions, we will have a dedicated person on site to explain in detail with you, or contact you through the service line or e-mail to help plan the application of related products. 1MHz high frequency LLC resonant converter and 1.5MHz high frequency LLC converter.

Exhibition Information:
. Time: September 24 (Thursday) ~ September 26 (Saturday), 2020
. Venue: Exhibition hall on the first floor of the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Building

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